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User Stories

“My wife and I had been maintaining $80,000 in debt for 2 decades when I found out about Fresh Start. I thought we would never get out of debt for the rest of our lives. Fresh Start showed me how to use my money wisely and saved me $148,700 in interest. I became completely debt free in just 2.9 years! I can finally enjoy my retirement with peace of mind.”  – William, 62, Arkansas

We do it for you.

We have been there and we understand your pain and frustration, which is why we designed Fresh Start with you in mind.

If you have:

  • credit card debt
  • medical bills
  • mortgage
  • car loan
  • student loan
  • small business loan

we can help

If you:

  • want to have more financial freedom
  • want to build better credit
  • want to stop living paycheck to paycheck
  • don’t know where your money is going
  • are facing bankruptcy
  • want to grow your savings

we can help